American Legion Oratorical Contest - Due December 15th

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2013-2014 The Tradition Continues

Amazing facts and figures about our world, our students, and ourselves!

Welcome to Skyline Debate!

What an exciting year 2012-2013 was.
1st at 4A state meet with champions in Oratory
2nd in Impromptu, 3rd in Impromptu!
All team members earned High points for the team!
Region VII Champs in both Debate Events and Individual Events!
Many Sweeps Awards and hundreds of individual trophies throughout the year!

Mrs. Roberts contact Information:
Voice Mail: (801) 613-2206 (Google voice message number for assignments, questions and help)

Projected 2014-2015 Calendar Posted - Check it out!

2013 - 2014 Highlights

State Finalists:

Everest Fang - 2nd in LD
Kevin Thompson $ Ashton Thorpe - 2nd In Policy

Region VII Champions

Jennifer Zhou & Steven Deng - Policy
Wyatt & Rajdeep - Policy

National Qualifiers:

NCFL in Chicago 24-25 May:

Kora Kobe & Rylee Miller - DUO Interp
Sara Cassell - Original Oratory
Tyler Roberts - Congress
Kyle Yoder - Congress

NFL in Kansas in June:

Max Cline - National Extemp & Alternate in Congress
Hanan Morin & Madalyn Durrant - Public Forum

2013-2014 Calendar Posted - Check it out!

The Tradition of Excellence continues!


2012-2013 - Skyline was 2nd overall in 4A State. Champions in Oratory, 2nd and 3rd in Impromptu.

Region VII Champions!

2011-2012 - Skyline had 4A State Champs in Congress & Public Forum with 2nd Overall in 4A State. Ist at Region with Region Champions in Congress, Public Forum, Extemp, CX, LD, & IMP.

Congratulations to:

Mary Carter & Kate Lips - 4A Public Forum Champions

Jeffrey Roberts - 4A Congress Champion

Region Champions for 2012:

Jeff Roberts - Region VII Congress Champion & NX champion

Hannah Kuhnhausen & Emily Tribble - Region VII PFChampions

Deanna Wilcox - Region VII IMP Champion

NFL (National Forensics League) Academic All-Americans for 2012

Jeffrey Roberts
Victoria Vincent
Joy Hui
Mary Carter
Tiana Becker
Brandon Zhou (Junior!)

Graduated 2011

Thomas Welch
Carol Lai

In 2010-2011 Skyline Placed 4th overall at 5A State, and was 1st overall at region with champions in

2009-2010 - Skyline had 5A Public Forum State champions and an Oratory finalist. At region Skyline was 2nd overall with champions in Oratory and Extemp.

Please check this site regularly for information , upcoming events, tournament requirements and debate resources

Storytelling rules state a single published, printed story, anecdote, tale, myth or legend must be retold without notes or props. The student may not tell a story used previously in any NFL district and/or national tournament. The delivery must be extempore, not read. No book or script may be used. The contestant must not add original material or materially change the content of the story.
Storytelling Resource Books Urban Legends List -05/03
The Art of Storytelling -- by James Menchinger - 02/00
Storytelling -- by Mrs. Terry Peters - 02/00
Storytelling: Looking for the Most Important Thing -- by Trudy L. Hanson - 02/00
How You Can Unleash the Power of Storytelling -- by Ann Wylie - 02/00

Extempers: Look at the idea for filing extemp files electronically

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Jul 27, 2011 – Extemp Electronic Filing System. Download file "Electronic Extemp How-to Article .docx".

Check the Calendar for Changes/updates

Impromptu Speaking Rostrum Article

Article from a Yale University Professor: Forensics and College Admissions

Professor Minh A. Luong Yale University

Research Sites that are Recommended

Brookings Institute:
Cato Institute:
Council on Foreign relations:
Heritage Foundation:
American Enterprise institute:
Center for strategic and International Studies:
Foreign Policy Research Institute:
Hoover Institute:
Manhattan Institute:
Commonwealth Foundation:
Ford Foundation :

Camps with great information: Find files for the National Policy Topic!

Sun Country Utah Forensics Institute:
Michigan - coaching and teaching resources.